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2019 Reunion

Mark your calendars now and plan to attend the 2019 Snodgrass Reunion June 28 and 29, 2019.


This reunion will be held on Friday and Saturday, June 28 and 29. We have rented the Southwood Clubhouse near 27th and Highway 2 in Lincoln for both days. We will have a pot luck on Friday evening and a catered meal on Saturday evening. The clubhouse has a small playground for us to utilize and we will have a few games and activities to keep the kids busy! More information on food and activities will be shared closer to the reunion date. The clubhouse is located at 5000 Tipperary Trail, Lincoln, NE. (Map) The clubhouse is air conditioned so we don't have to sweat it out if it is a hot day.

Since the Jeanneret family has sold their farm we will not be able to utilize their property to park campers, but not to worry, there are several camp grounds near Lincoln. There is information on a few areas to check out if you are interested in camping on the links page. Please know this is not an exhaustive list so if one of those options doesn't suit your needs please feel free to reach out to Emily and she will help you find additional options or you can google camping near Lincoln, Nebraska for additional options. Also listed on the links page are a few hotels in the area. Lincoln is not a huge city so if you stay in a hotel on the opposite side of town it will likely only be a 15 minute drive to get to the other side of town. While we wanted to give options please research where you are considering staying and use your own judgement. Lincoln has dozens of hotels, We're only linking to a few well recognized chain hotel options. In general you may want to avoid any hotels on Cornhusker Road, and to stay closest to the clubhouse you will want to be on the south side of town. If you live in or near Lincoln and are willing to host family at your house, feel free to post the invitation on the reunion Facebook page so others can contact you if they are interested.

A few things to do while you're here:

  • Star City Shores is a mini water park less than a mile from the clubhouse. It is pretty affordable and has options for little kids up to adults.
  • Lincoln Children's Museum is a fun option for those with little kids.
  • Lincoln Children's Zoo is a fun family activity.
  • Henry Doorly Zoo is about an hour from Lincoln and is one of the top zoos in the US.

Here are links to those and a few other fun things to do while you are in Lincoln. Some of these options are outside of Lincoln. Omaha is about an hour drive, Mahoney State park is about 30-40 minutes from Lincoln. Lincoln is surrounded by small towns that also have many activities, so feel free to research additional things to do while you are here!

It's later than you think! We hope you will consider honoring a long standing family tradition by spending one summer weekend with extended family.

We will update this website as additional details become available.



I am the family face;
Flesh perishes, I live on,
Projecting trait and trace
Through time to times anon,
And leaping from place to place
Over oblivion.

The years-heired feature that can
In curve and voice and eye
Despise the human span
Of durance--that is I;
The eternal thing in man,
That heeds no call to die.

- from Moments of Vision by Thomas Hardy, 1917

2015 Reunion

The 2015 reunion was June 26 & 27 at Mahoney State Park in Ashland, Nebraska

Queen Bees Denice Rathbone and Debbie Shallenberger and Drone Barry Snodgrass hosted a wonderful time.

The events schedule again included an outdoor picnic Friday evening at the Wild Turkey shelter. Cousin Tom Snodgrass provided the grill and cooked the burgers and dogs. Drinks, sides and trimmings were courtesy of the Nebraskans.

Saturday we had use of the Red Oak/Cedar conference room in the Lodge all day, for those who wished to stop in and visit. Many families took advantage of the numerous opportunities around the park to go swimming, horseback riding, paddle boating, visit the Strategic Air & Space Museum just outside the park and the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha. That evening we enjoyed a catered meal of sandwiches, fruit, veggies, chips, finger foods, & desserts. The reunion concluded with a brief business meeting where it was voted to hold the next reunion in 2017 at Mahoney.

The attendance count was:


2013 Reunion

The 2013 reunion was June 28 & 29 at Mahoney State Park in Ashland, Nebraska

Queen Bees Vanessa Teten and Alicia Blex and Drone Barry Snodgrass hosted a wonderful time.

Friday evening an outdoor picnic was held at the Wild Turkey shelter.

Saturday Justin Snodgrass took a large group for a tour at the Stratigic Air Command Air and Space Museum, while others played miniture golf, rode paddle boats, rode horses, or just visited and enjoyed each other's company. In the evening we shared a catered meal supplemented by deserts prepared by the Nebraskans.

A great time was had by all and the group voted to hold the 2015 reunion in Nebraska again.


The tribe of Gene again made the best showing, that's five consecutive reunions! As in the past, we are challenging the other two large tribes, Leslie and Edd, to beat us next reunion.

2011 Reunion

Our 2011 reunion was 17, 18, & 19 June 2011 in Southeast Nebraska. As always, the Nebraskans put on a great shindig!

Friday night we gathered in Avoca at David and Sue’s place. Everyone had a great time eating (of course), visiting, dressing up in all sorts of fun costumes so that they could have their picture taken behind some picture frames Dave & Sue had hung up. Of course, Uncle Edd & Aunt Verda stole the show!

Saturday we were at the Otoe County Fair Center in Syracuse. The kids mostly young (but some not so young) enjoyed a bouncy house while the adults enjoyed each others company in the air conditioned building. Of course there was food, a catered supper of shredded beef sandwiches, cheesy potatoes, green beans, pasta salad & cherry fluff salad supplemented by desserts and additional salads provided by the Eastern Nebraskans.

Sunday morning, a few us were at Debbie & Rick’s in Nebraska City for an excellent breakfast featuring Debbie’s scrumptious egg casseroles.

Sue was this year’s “Queen Bee.” She was assisted by “Drone” David and all agreed that they organized a truly memorable reunion.


For the fourth consecutive reunion the tribe of Gene has made the best showing. We are AGAIN challenging the other two large tribes, Leslie and Edd, to beat us next reunion.

2009 Reunion

We had a really great turn out for our 2009 reunion in southeast Nebraska. As always with reunions held in Nebraska, the Nebraskans did a superb job of organizing and hosting. This year, Amy and Jason organized four-wheeling fun along the Nemaha River, and Uncle Edd conducted a tour of the old barn at Cloverhill Farm. Everyone had a great time visiting and reminiscing. For those who could not attend here is a brief recap of each day.

On Friday night, 85 of us enjoyed a covered dish supper at Dave & Susan’s house in Avoca, featuring pulled pork and smoked chicken breasts, prepared by Dave and Michael.

Saturday afternoon started with four-wheeling and the tour of the old barn at Cloverhill Farm, after which 124 of us gathered at Coryell Park (near Brock) for family group pictures followed by another great meal, this time a mix of catered and covered dishes. We finished out this truly great day with a brief program coordinated by Barbara, followed by our usual meeting to set the time and place of our next reunion. The highlight of the program was Barry’s presentation and display honoring the military veterans in our “Tribe.”

Sunday morning, 33 of us who were still hanging in there went to Debbie & Rick’s in Nebraska City for an excellent breakfast featuring Debbie’s scrumptious egg casseroles.

Debbie was this year’s “Queen Bee.” With the help of Barbara, the 2005 reunion “Queen Bee,” she coordinated food, RSVPs activities and all the other details that went into making this a truly great reunion.

You can see a list of the attendees by clicking here.  Below is breakdown by “tribe.”

Other Tribe of Tom14

Again, the tribe of Gene has made the best showing. That’s three reunions in a row! We are challenging the other two large tribes, Leslie and Edd, to beat us next reunion.

2007 Reunion

The 2007 reunion in Buena Vista was great!  There were 53 in attendance including the two remaining children of Omer and Carletta, Uncle Edd and Aunt Verda, and Aunt Ruth and Aunt Annie.  There was four-wheeling, whitewater rafting, lots of camaraderie, good fun, and, as always lots of good food.  Here is the breakdown by “tribe.”


2005 Reunion

The 2005 reunion in Nebraska was a big success!  If you weren't there you missed a good time and, I'll admit, a real taste of summer in Nebraska.  We had about 118 folks in attendance.  Here is the breakdown by “tribe.”


As you can see, the tribe of Gene has made the best showing for two reunions in a row!  The figures were derived from the entries in the reunion book and Debbie, Marline, and myself sitting down after each reunion and making a list.  I've posted copies of those lists.   Please look them over and advise me of any errors or omissions.  You can see those lists by clicking the 2005 Reunion Attendees and 2007 Reunion Attendees links.

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