Snodgrass Family Reunion

1999 Group Photos

The Whole Bunch

Just try getting us all to smile and look toward the camera at the same time.

Tribe of Bernice

standing - Blake, Alicia, Vanessa, Scott, Kathleen, Bob, Barbara, Joe and Denice
kneeling - Trayven and Nate

Tribe of Verda

Gary, Tami, Betty, Verda, Chris, Caitlyn, Traci, and Stephanie

Tribe of Leslie

standing L-R: Steven, David, Bonnie, Jeff, Jeanie Kay, Carolyn, Annie, Shirley, Larry, Kenneth, Shirley, Connie Rose, Steve, Shiela, Peggy, Ed holding Kaleb, Jill, and Marvin
kneeling L-R: Jennifer, Anna, Justin, Jessica, Danny, Andrew, Allison, Heather, and Katelyn

Tribe of Edd

standing, back row L-R: Julie Williams, Darren, Mike, Tom, Ruth, Edd holding Chase, and Jane
standing, middle row L-R: Marilyn, Heather, Holly, and Tom
standing/kneeling, front row L-R: Nicholas, Brady holding Dane, Laura, and Brandon

Tribe of Dale

standing L-R: Danielle, Jason holding Chelsi, Josh, Gail, Lori, Ryan, Jesse, Aubrey and Zane

Tribe of Gene

standing back row: David, Susan, Christopher, and Randy
standing 2nd row: Michael, Abby, Rick, and Amy
standing 3rd row: Andrew, Matthew Wayne, Michelle holding Zachary, Debbie, Marline, and Leslie
kneeling: Kenneth holding Shyla, Matthew Tristan, and Pam

Annie and Her Children

Sheila, Bonnie, Kenneth, Steven, Annie & Marvin

Gene and Helen's Children

Debbie, David, Marline & Leslie
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