Snodgrass Family Reunion

2007 Group Photos

Tribe of Bernice

Vanessa, Chris, Alicia, Denice, and Barbara

Tribe of Verda

Duane, Larry, Tami, Greg, Verda (The Queen), Nicki, and Tom

Tribe of Leslie

seated L-R: Carlie, Melissa, Anna, and Sheila
standing L-R: Marvin, Peggy, Steven, Kenneth, Charlotte, Jared (Charlie), Justin, Jeanie Kay, Jessica, Shirley, and Charlie

Tribe of Edd

seated L-R: Scott, Ruth, and Edd (The King)
standing L-R: David, Barry, and Lee

Tribe of Gene

kneeling 1st row: Zachary, Michelle, and Taz
kneeling 2nd row: Matthew, Amy, Emily, and Abby
standing L-R: Randy, Rick, Courtney, Jason, Debbie, Andrew, Marline, Susan, David, Zander, Michael, and Leslie


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