Snodgrass Family Reunion

2009 Group Photos

The Royals

L-R: Anna, Verda, Edd, & Ruth

The Oldest & Youngest

Verda age 95 & Jake Daniel age 6 weeks

Tribe of Bernice

standing L-R: Scott, Shelly, Trayven, Jimmy, Ashley, Russ, Alicia, Jessica, Nate, Chris, & Vanessa
seated L-R: Donna, Bob, Bob, Barbara, Denice & Joe

Tribe of Verda

standing L-R: Nicki, Tami, & Traci
seated L-R: Verda & Tyler

Tribe of Leslie

standing L-R: Judy, Ruth Ann, Jessica, Boyd, Connie, Larry, Jeanie, Traci, Ed, & Kaleb
seated L-R: Shirley, Kenneth, Anna, Marvin, & Peggy

Tribe of Edd

standing L-R: Lee, Denise, Darren holding Lily, Brian, Mike holding McKayla, Courtney,
     Brady holding Avery, Nicholas, Kara, Jane, Tom, & Brandon holding Makenna
seated L-R: Barry, Edd, Ruth, & Marilyn holding Walt
not shown: David & Scott

Tribe of Dale

standing L-R: Chelsi, Jason, Danielle, Josh, Kate, Dustin, Linda, & Danny
standing front L-R: Dax & Stone
seated L-R: Gail, JD, & Dalt & Lisa holding Jake

Tribe of Gene

standing back: Matthew, Shyla, Karena, Taylor, & Joe
standing 2nd row: Gene, Chris, Ken holding Kaynen, & Jason
standing 1st row: Omer, susan, Carie, Emily, Amy holding Jacob, Christine & Ronnie
front: Andrew, Lucas, Les, David, Marline, Rick, Debbie holding Jaeden, & Michelle holding Courtney

Tribe of T.E. - Elsie

Shirley & Randall

Tribe of T.E. - Gertie

standing L-R: Renee & LuAnn
seated L-R: Alexis, Harriett Ann, & Hal

Tribe of T.E. - Bunt

standing L-R: Tom & Terry
seated L-R: Phyllis, Shirley, Bernadette & Ted

Brock Pals

standing L-R: Ruth & Edd
seated L-R: Ival, Mimi, Verda, Vernon, Dwight & Catherine


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