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Why "Tribe of" Omer and Carletta Snodgrass?

I've been asked where the term "Tribe of Omer and Carletta Snodgrass" came from.  The answer is I picked it up from Grandmother (Carletta) Snodgrass.  She frequently referred to the "Tribe of Tom," "Tribe of John," "Tribe of Omer," etc.  I believe that she picked it up from Grandpa (Omer) Snodgrass's mother Emma Starr Snodgrass.

For those of you who would like a little proof of the origins of the "tribe of" term I have a photograph of Mary Ellen Snodgrass that came from a scrapbook that was assembled by Emma Starr Snodgrass, Carletta Thomas Snodgrass, and Omer Snodgrass (Great Grandma, Grandma, and Grandpa) when Omer, Carletta, and family lived "on the Doolittle place" (early 1940s).  On the back of the photo is written "Mary Ellen Snodgrass 2nd unit of the 10th unit of the tribe of Tom."   In other words Mary was the second child of the tenth child of Thomas E. and Emma Starr Snodgrass, or, the second child of John Floyd and Ethel Marrs Snodgrass.


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